Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta Episode #2 “Pregnito” #WhenDidYouFallInLoveWithHipHop

You know what, i can’t with VH1! Mondays are now officially known as #MessyMonday’s I have just finished tuning into the hot ghetto mess that we now know as ‘Love & hip-Hop: ATL! Now normally when a show starts off with such a big bang, (3.2 million viewers for the debut episode) the nect two episodes can drag and seem like filler! not this series! This group delivers! I feel like I’ve rode out with them a whole season already! Smiley

This week we start off watching a pity party go down in honor of Mimi and hosted by Ariane, who might I add is very pretty.  The two are so called going over the events from K. Michelle’s birthday party and discussing what is quite obvious, Mimi’s man (Stevie J) is Phucking his TALENT!  At this point I don’t see the need for anymore discussion on the subject, you’re either in or out and by the looks of it Mimi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Smiley ::SideBar:: Is it me or does Ariane want some of Mimi’s goodies? This chick is stanning every time she gets some camera time!  Even though we know that this is scripted it is still painful to sit there and watch Ms. Faust sit there with a straight face and act clueless as if she hasn’t been dealing with Stevie’s ways for over a decade!

Episode 2 gives us a more in depth view of the artist and wife named Rasheeda! Um very cute girl but she needs to press STOP not Pause but stop on that record career! I’m not feeling any of her music and I can tell that she is the dirty south’s version of Olivia! We definitely saw the diva in her come out in this episode. We find out that not only is Rasheeda  happily married but she has been that way for 12 yrs and has one son along with 4 step children! Smiley All i can say is more power too you girl! it’s funny because her husband seems too sweet to have 4 children out there without being with the children’s mother.

I know Joseline is supposed to be our resident villain but she gives me life! Karlie’s crazy ass isn’t wrapped too tight either! Somehow she thinks it’s a good idea to sashay her ass down to the studio to see whats up with her working with Stevie J after she was being messy. Whether the information she gave Mimi is true or not she should know that maybe this isn/t going to work seeing as to how I just shitted on you and blew up your spot!  Stevie is nowhere to be found but Joseline is there of course and she tries to Jedi mind trick Karlie into believing that she did not see Stevie and herself kiss. When that doesn’t work Joseline just proceed to dig in Karlie’s ass. I was especially tickled when during  Joseline’s confessional she is screaming for Karlie to provide receipts about her just  kissing  Stevie yet by the end of the episode we have receipts in the form of EPT. Smiley but i guess when all else fails and until your back is up against the wall, DENY! DENY! DENY!

Lets get back to this chick Mimi! ugh! I found myself sizing Stevie up the whole episode and although I saw his peen pics, it’s just not worth it! Stevie is the epitome of a lying as rat bastard and she is too damn old to be so gullible! I love how Mimi owns a ‘Cleaning Company’  I mean if she did, what the hell is she holding onto raggedy ass Stevie J? Mimi is making all this noise about Stevie but i noticed he’s back in the house! Stevie J is a vile creature! He is such a joker, laughing and smiling at every little thing whether serious or not! That right there irks my nerves and you can tell he enjoys the drama. The only thing coming out of Stevie’s mouth this whole episode was straight BullSh*t!!! What makes me even more pissed is that he isn’t even good at that and is mediocre at singing! I am desperate to see what the appeal is in regards to Stevie J!  Then to top it all off I there is nothing that anyone can tell me which will make me believe that he has never tasted a D!ck before! It’s written all over his mannerisms.

Just when I thought Who am i kidding? This is ATL we’re talking about! #NoShame Mimi basically gave permission for Stevie to Phuck Joseline all the way till Armageddon as long as she gets a cut.  

Mignon? The name of Erica’s mother! What the fuck? That’s all i’ll say about that however I do agree with her synopsis about Scrappy! If anything she was being nice by saying he’s at a stand still, that sounds like she still has hope.

::SideBar:: Do any of the men on the show drive?

Based on the attitude i saw from Rasheeda towards the end of the show, i can definitely tell why she hasn’t went anywhere career wise yet!

Again Karlie has no couth! She showed herself today! She gives no real f*cks if Mimi is being cheated on or not, shit if Stevie offered her the D she would hop right on! Mimi thinks she is being slick and call herself stanning for Karlie to work with Stevie because in her mind she thinks she will have a spy but not realizing she is supplying Stevie with another vagina to service! i guess it’s OK as long as she gets 10% from her too! 

Mimi TRIED her hardest to get G on Joseline this episode but Jose could care less! Jose is the same person that checked your man and got a response from him when he  refused to take you serious and I bet her got her a new Fur! 

So now it’s time or the meat & potatoes of this episode   Joseline just came out with it, ‘I didn’t get my period this month. Several times during this conversation I could see the B*tch in Stevie come out! His eyes betray him, he looked like he seriously wanted to beat the ish out of Jose both before and after the test! Side Eye @Vh1 for the cameras in the damn bathroom!  My blood pressure rose when Mr. Stevie decided to be a prick and tell her she should be more careful!! Camera’s or not, I would have blacked on his ass! Then he goes on running down her schedule as if she never uttered anything about being pregnant! Even more annoying is the audacity of Joseline to say that she was surprised at his reaction??!!! 

I refuse to be ashamed, I can’t stop watching this show and to you bitter females out there protesting, you better learn how to change the Cot damn channel and leave this show alone!  It appears that we are in for another great, Ghetto-fied episode next week and I shall be tuned in!

I’m off to see about this Hollywood Exes thing, looks like it has potential but I am declaring Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta #BossStatus


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